This page lists the projects that I’m most proud of, and that I’m actively developing and supporting.

Gandi Live Dns Rust GitHub Repo stars Docker Pulls

A dynamic DNS system that works with Gandi’s live DNS feature. Allows you to host servers without a static IP address by updating DNS records whenever your IP changes. Flexible deployments through Docker or system packages with systemd timers.

Cuttlestore GitHub Repo stars

A generic key-value storage library for Rust. Cuttlestore allows you to write your code once and run it on many key-value stores. Right now it comes with support for Redis and Sqlite, with planned support for CouchDB and DynamoDB.

Rust Embed for Web GitHub Repo stars

Embed files into your Rust executable. You can embed HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, all your assets into your server to bundle them together. This simplifies updates as your assets are always guaranteed to update together with your server.

This started as a fork of an existing project, but became a significant rewrite of it. It includes many features useful for web servers like precomputed header values and precompressed file contents.

Rust Embed Responder for Actix Web GitHub Repo stars

A sibling project to Rust Embed for Web, this is a responder for Actix Web that efficiently serves your embedded files. It handles cache validation and content type negotiation, and is built for high performance.

Bulgur Cloud GitHub Repo stars Docker Pulls

An easy to self host cloud file storage and sharing system. It’s similar to Google Drive or NextCloud, but effortless to set up and maintain. Built in Rust and TypeScript, using Actix-Web and React Native.

live limit GitHub Repo stars npm

A TypeScript library that can limit the number of concurrent async operations running at a time. This is useful for making concurrent requests to a server without overloading your connection. Works with promises, has no dependencies, and comes under 1kb minzipped.

Query Method Middleware for Actix Web GitHub Repo stars

Actix Web middleware that allows you to submit HTML forms using methods other than POST. Forms normally can only be submitted through GET or POST methods, but this middleware reroutes requests using a query parameter to other methods.

Http Drogue GitHub Repo stars

A tiny self-hosted service to download files over http, with support for resuming and restarting failed downloads. Built with Rust, basic HTML templates using Askama, TailwindCSS, and DaisyUI. Uses no javascript!